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Thursday, August 21, 2014

South Fork Fire - Evacuation and Closure Update - 8/21/2014 4pm

Evacuation Levels Lifted and Closure Area Reduced


Effective 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 22, 2014


Due to decreased fire activity in and around the South Fork Complex, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Grant County Sheriff's Office are reducing closure areas and evacuation levels.   These agencies recognize that access for hunting, recreation and other activities is important.  However, the public is advised to travel slowly through these areas and be aware of the possibility of falling trees weakened from fire, rolling rocks and fire traffic. 

 ·       Ochoco National Forest:  All closure orders will be rescinded. 

 ·       Malheur National Forest:  The following area will be open:  County Road 42;  Forest Road 24;Forest Road 2180 from its intersection with Forest Road 24 continuing N/NW to the intersection with Forest Road 21.  Lands east of Forest Road 21 north to the forest boundary (this portion of FR 21 is closed).  The portion of FR21 from its intersection with FR2180 east to its terminus with county road 63 is open. 

 ·      BLM Prineville District Lands: The following closures have been enacted:  Jackass Creek Road, Murders Creek Road, Oliver Creek Road.

 ·      Grant County Sheriff's Office:   The level 1 evacuation will be lifted for the area bounded by the 2150 road on the south, the 21 road on the east, Highway 26 on the north and on the west by a line running due north from the Aldrich Lookout to Highway 26.


Howard Hunter
Public Information Officer
South Fork Complex Fire information  is also available at:
Facebook:  South Fork Complex

8/21/2014 Bald Sisters Fire Update

Bald Sisters Fire Update August 21

Acres: 1,138                            Start date: August 2, 2014
Cause:  Lightning                    Location: 12 Miles East of Prairie City, OR Containment: 0%                    Fuels: Timber
Terrain: Steep, Rugged          Resources: 3 Crews, 5 Engines, 2 Dozers, And 2 Tenders
Total personnel: 218               Helicopters: 1    Fixed Winged Aircraft: 1

Starting at 6:00 A.M. this morning, the Oregon Incident Management Team #2 is managing both the South Fork Complex and the Bald Sisters Fire.

Chipping of debris continued along the line yesterday.

Weather and Fire Behavior
Dry clear air moved in overnight bringing temperatures down into the 30s.  Today is forecast to be dry and cool with temperatures in the 60s and relative humidity around 20%. Winds should be out of the N-NW, 5 to 10mph with gusts to 15 in the afternoon.
Later this afternoon expect smoke from the fire but little significant fire behavior.

Todays Operations
Chipping work along the indirect fire line will be winding down in the next couple of days. Five chippers, supported by several hand crews, will be working to complete the indirect fireline on south and southwest flanks and the along Rd. 13.  Excavators under the direction of Forest Resource Advisors, continue to work to complete the repair of suppression activities. Firefighters with aerial support will be monitoring fire behavior and be prepared to respond should fire spread increase.
The Bald Sisters fire camp is being combined with the South Fork Fire camp at Gander Ranch.

Due to little activity on the Bald Sisters fire, future updates will only be issued in the morning.

8/21/2014 Devil's Elbow Complex

Today firefighters will continue gridding and mopping up on the 26,428-acre Devil’s Elbow Complex to ensure that there is no heat within 100 feet of containment lines or 300 feet of houses. Ground Support will continue back hauling equipment from the fire for return to the cache. This is a major task with more than 40 miles of hose to be rolled, sprinklers, radios, pumps, ATVs and numerous other equipment to pack and make ready for the next incident.
Cooler temperatures ranging from the mid-70s will continue through the weekend with the return of normal temperatures next week. Today there is a chance of isolated showers and lightning with SW winds reaching 20-25 mph at the ridges and 7-9 mph in the San Poil Valley.
A Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team is working to evaluate the damage caused by the fire and identify stabilization and rehabilitation needs.
Today and tomorrow most of the resources currently fighting this fire will be demobilized as work is completed, leaving approximately 130 firefighters for patrol and mop up under a Type III organization, based at the Mt. Tolman Fire Center.
Yesterday at 9 am, Evacuation Notice Levels were eliminated throughout the fire area.

8/21/2014 Little Bridge Creek, Upper Falls fires and Carlton Complex update

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A large scale demobilization of resources for all fires is in progress.  Smoke will continue to remain in the area as interior portions of unburned fuels will smolder and occasionally torch. A cooling trend will continue in the area through Friday.  Cloud cover will continue to increase by late today into Friday and widespread, wetting rain is anticipated over the area. 

The Little Bridge Creek Fire, located 10 miles west of Winthrop, WA between Canyon Creek and Little Bridge Creek, is 79% contained. The fire burn area remains at 4,958 acres. There is minimal fire behavior. Crews will continue to mop-up and complete suppression repair. Good progress continues to be made on containment for the fire. More information at:

The Upper Falls Fire, located 17 miles north of Winthrop, remains at 8,120 acres of burned area. The fire is now 59% contained. Fire activity will be limited to smoldering and creeping will continue in the heavy dead and down fuels. Crews continue to mop-up, backhaul excess equipment and complete suppression repair.   More information at:

The Carlton Complex is located five miles SW of Okanogan. The complex is 256,108 acres and 98% contained. Crews will continue to work on suppression repair along the fire perimeter.  This work is expected to take approximately one week. More information at:

Total personnel–714
Hot shot crews–4
Type 2 crews–7
Type 1 helicopters–1
Type 2 helicopters–1
Type 3 helicopters–2
Water tenders–15

There are no evacuation notices in the fire area. Many of the area Forest closures associated with the Little Bridge Creek Fire were lifted yesterday. For the most current information visit

Information officers will continue to visit the communities of Twisp and Winthrop to provide information to the public on the Little Bridge Creek, Upper Falls, and Carlton Complex Fire through Sunday. The team is continuing to reduce the number of bulletin boards and stops as appropriate. Call 509-997-0880 for the location of your neighborhood board or for more fire information.

Email Address:
Facebook:                  Great Basin National Incident Management Team 1
Wildfire blog:  
Twitter:                      @upperfallsfire


8/21/2014 Deception Complex

Deception Complex Fire Update

Management of the Deception Creek, Staley and Middle Fork Complexes are now with the Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 4. With the management of the complexes and fires combined, the name will be "Deception Complex", which consist of approximately 80 fires. More than half of these fires are in control and patrol status.

  • Yesterday, progress was made on containment lines throughout the Deception Complex.
  • Today, with drier conditions projected an increase in fire activity can be expected. The public may see increased smoke in the afternoon hours.
  • The Staley, Davey and Pool Fires are at 67% containment. These three fires add up to 275 acres. Direct lines on all 3 fires are holding. Crews on the Staley Fire will be completing indirect line along northeast perimeter in preparation for a possible burnout when conditions permit. Direct lines are completed on Davey Fire.
  • Fire crews concentrated on building indirect fireline and containment lines in the Deception Creek drainage.
  • Deception Complex is also responsible for fire suppression activity on a 250,000 acre Initial Attack (IA) area. There were no new IA fires reported yesterday.
  • Mop- up operations continue on the fires within the complex that have control lines in place.
  • Very little smoke was observed from State Highway 58 corridor yesterday.
  • The Green Lake Fire near Waldo Lake is mostly lined with fire hose. And is putting off very little smoke. Waldo Lake Campgrounds remain open.

    The Forest Closures are as below:

There are three area, trail and road closures related to these fires on the Middle Fork Ranger District.  If you are considering traveling on the Middle Fork Ranger District check the following web site for details:   Look for the closures related to: Staley, Deception Creek and Waldo in the alerts column on the right hand column.

8/21/2014 Chiwaukum Complex Update

For updated trail closure maps, please visit out inciweb at:

Today's weather forecasts cooler temperatures ranging between 76-83 degrees in the lower elevations and 65-70 on the ridges. Relative humidity will be higher at 25-35%. Winds 5-10 mph can be expected with gusts of 15 mph. From Friday through the weekend, increasing clouds accompanied by scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms may result in 1/10-1/4 inches of rain.

Pacific Northwest Team 2 will transfer command to a local Type 3 organization effective Friday morning. Marty Bently will take over as Incident Commander.

Firefighters will monitor the fires closely today and throughout the weekend. Initial attack resources are identified and ready to respond to any new starts.

Fire lines will continue to be repaired and rehabilitated. Hazard tree removal along roadsides will continue to ensure public safety.

Helicopters will remain at the Fish Lake Air Strip and are available to assist crews if needed. These helicopters have played an important role fighting the Chiwaukum Complex fires, dropping approximately 6.5 million gallons of water since the fires started in July.

The Duncan Fire will be monitored and patrolled throughout the weekend. Rehabilitation of the Shady Pass Road fire break will continue.

Crews will continue strengthening firelines along the northwest fire perimeter of the Hansel Creek Fire. Rehab and repair efforts will continue throughout the weekend.

The Shoofly Fire continues to retain heat in the interior. Contingency lines will continue to be strengthened throughout the weekend. A Wildland Module (7-10 member crew specializing in fire behavior monitoring) is working with suppression crews to patrol the fire area.

Crews will continue removing hoses and conducting rehab and repair work on the Alpine Fire today and this weekend. The fire will continue to be monitored from the air and ground.

On the Chiwaukum Creek Fire, crews will continue mop-up of the northern perimeter. The fire will also be monitored and patrolled.

Firefighters are assessing damage on the Mills Canyon Fire. Although this fire is 100% contained, there is equipment and resources in the area for post-fire duties.

While there are no longer large flames and columns of smoke to be seen, burned trees and loosened debris still pose a threat. Leavenworth will be especially busy this weekend with recreational visitors and fire traffic on the roads. Please take these hazards seriously, drive carefully around firefighters and fire vehicles, and respect fire closure areas.

This will be the last scheduled update. Beginning Monday August 24, call the Wenatchee River Ranger District at 509-548-2550, the Entiat Ranger District at 509-784-4700, or the Okanagan-Wenatchee National Forest headquarters at 509-664-9200 for more information.

Evacuations/Closure Information:  Chelan County Emergency Services posts updated evacuations and closures at or follow them on twitter @ChelanCountyEM.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest:

Smoke Information