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Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/30/2015 Collier Butte Fire Update

Yesterday’s early wind and rain event was followed by another one in the afternoon and then another  this morning.  For now, the Collier Butte Fire is tamed and will be returned to the care of the Gold Beach Ranger District and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.  The Type 3 team headed by Dan Quinones is working to transfer management back to the local unit.  This is all made possible through the organizational framework known as the Incident Command System.  Just as the Type 2 team quickly arrived to tackle the fire and grow the resources in order to manage and control the fire, the Type 3 team will reduce those resources just as quickly and return management to the local unit.

Individuals, teams and crews are working today andtomorrow to return equipment and materials to transport spots to be cleaned, repaired and stored in various fire caches in the NW region for future use.  Other crews will be building water bars and employing other soil management actions to control runoff and erosion.  Camp crews will be gathering materials issued to fire personnel and cleaning around the fire camp.  Administrative teams will be completing financial reports, organizing travel arrangements for crews and individuals, boxing up computers, phones and other hard goods.  All sorts of legal records will be organized, filed and shipped off to the proper authorities.  Contractors are required to get their cost records in and pack up mobile shower, kitchen, laundry, trash, and sanitation units.  Not least of all, time keepers must verify work hours and input information to a national financial office to pay for all of this.   All of those involved then prepare to do it all over again at the next incident needing their services.

The Emergency Area Closure remains in place on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Please contact the Gold Beach RD for the latest update on all closure information. The temporary flight restriction over the fire area also remains in place.

Fire fighters would like to remind the public to watch out for fire equipment working in the area. Bow hunting season opened this past weekend.  Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts should use caution while recreating on private and public lands.  While we received 2.5” of rain in the past 48hrs, other areas of the Forest received little to no rain, so extreme drought conditions still exist, creating very receptive fuels.  Any spark or flame may ignite a wildfire, so please follow local fire restrictions and remain mindful of fire prevention. 

8/30/2015 Carpenter Road Fire Update

Carpenter Road Fire Update

A Community Meeting will be hosted tonight at 6:00 pm at the Valley High School located at 3030 Huffman Road in Valley, WA.

The Carpenter Road Fire is estimated at 64,173 acres and 20% contained.

Today’s wetting rain will give fire managers some breathing room and an opportunity to evaluate the progression of the fire.   Yesterday’s smoke kept fire personnel from determining the actual location of the fire along the northern edge. Today’s rain will fortunately dampen the spread of the fire significantly although a thunderstorm or two are possible during the afternoon hours. 

Containment has decreased with the growth of the fire along the northern edge.  The western and eastern fire boundaries have remained very stable for the past several days.  Crews in the southern portion of the fire have been and will continue to strengthen the lines along West End, Turtle Creek and Drum roads working towards the creation of a more secure southern boundary.  Mop-up operations will continue in areas around homes and other structures, as will control line improvement south of Springdale-Hunters Road west of Adams Mountain where the fire line has been active lately.

Because the prevailing winds  have pushed the fire in a northeasterly direction causing significant regional public concern, a Community Meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 pm at the Valley High School located at 3030 Huffman Road in Valley, WA.

The public is reminded to be aware of the need to protect their own welfare.  Saturdays high winds have caused some trees to weaken making hazard trees and other overhead hazards continue to be a public concern.  Springdale-Hunters Road remains closed.  Please call Stevens County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for additional information regarding road closures and evacuation notices in Stevens County.   Please call the Spokane Tribal Police for additional information on road closures and evacuation levels on the Spokane Indian Reservation.

For evacuation and road closure information call the following numbers:

Stevens County EOC:  509 684-7598 or by visiting 

Spokane Tribal Police:  509 258-4400

8/30/2015 Grizzly Bear Complex Fire Update

High winds challenged fire containment lines yesterday

     Elgin, Ore. – Fortunately, no significant or large areas of fire growth were reported after yesterday’s high winds.  An infra-red flight was flown last night recording any heat sources across the fire area.  Most of the fire spread was observed in the northern and northeastern part of the fire, within the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness.  Fire crews will be assigned tasks today designed to monitor containment lines and continue to construct and improve fire lines around the perimeter of the fire.  Other crews will mop-up (extinguish all burning material) near containment lines to further secure suppression efforts.

“A moderate breeze” is predicted today, according to Andy Haner, the Incident Meteorologist assigned to the fire.  The winds will be slightly less than yesterday, but due to an increase in humidity and lower temperatures, the fire behavior should be mitigated.  Andy has also forecast “wetting rains” of up to ¼” today, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  This should increase the relative humidity and fuel moisture in the light fuels (vegetation) to 40 or 50%.  Dean Warner, the Fire Behavior Analyst, notes that fuels under the tree canopy will remain dry and susceptible to active burning.  Overall, the rate of fire spread will be less than in previous days, and fire crews will take advantage of these conditions when they safely continue their work to fully suppress the fire.

There were reports yesterday of isolated winds gusts strong enough to blow over a remote weather station and other smaller, unsecured structures, such as tents and portable buildings

The fire lines around the Complex held the fire yesterday during the high wind event, so the evacuation levels were re-evaluated by local law enforcement officials.  Along with the recommendation and support from Brian Gales, the Incident Commander of the Washington Incident Management Team 4, some Evacuation Levels have been reduced.  The city of Asotin, WA no longer has any Evacuation Level.  The area south of the Grande Ronde River, near Flora that was in Level 2 is now at Level 1.  The area northeast of the fire, east of Highway 129 in Washington that was at a Level 2 is now at Level 1.  The area along the eastern part of the fire, near Troy, OR is now set at a level 1 (ready stage).

A Washington State National Guard communication unit has been set up in the community of Troy, OR to provide remote internet and telephone communications.  The Oregon National Guard has deployed 155 members to support suppression efforts.  They will be assisting with mop-up operations in the Troy and Grouse Flat areas.

8/30/2015 National Creek Complex Fire Update

National Creek Complex Fire Information 


Crater Lake National Park is open.  The north and the south entrances are both open.  The north entrance road will have firefighters patrolling and working in the area.  Park visitors are asked to use caution while driving, reduce speed, keep headlights on and avoid stopping near the fire.   
Area Closures: The Umpqua National Forest closure area near Diamond Lake includes the portion south and east of state highway 230 and highway 138.  The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest opened forest highway 6560 between highway 230 and the Rogue River allowing access to areas north of the river.
State Highway 230 and Highway138 are open to the public and will stay open when conditions are safe.  Check with or call 511 for current information. 

Fire containment is 55 percent.  Firefighters have taken advantage of the rain and cooler temperatures to increase the area of containment.

Yesterday’s Activities: There was minimal fire activity, which allowed firefighters to accomplish most of the mopup work on the northern and eastern flanks. There was also extensive mopup work and removal of hose on the western flank.     
 Today’s Activities: Mopup will continue on the western flank today.  A specialized crew will be deployed on the southern flank of the fire to check fire spread using minimal impact suppression tactics. On the west, north and east sides, firefighters will focus on rehab repairing areas disturbed by fireline construction.

Weather:    Slight chance of rain this morning of amounts less than 0.10 inch.  Mostly cloudy with a high temperature of 66 and a minimum relative humidity of 45%.  Winds are SW at 15-20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.
Open and Closed:
·         Rim Drive and all Crater Lake National Park facilities are open and accessible from both entrances.
·         A segment of the Pacific Crest Trail is closed from the north park boundary to the junction with Lightning Springs Trail. A suggested reroute is posted along the trail.
·         Area closure are in effect for the Rogue River-Siskiyou and Umpqua National Forests near Diamond Lake.
·         There are trail closures in Crater Lake National Park and on the Rogue River-Siskiyou and Umpqua national forests.
·         Diamond Lake and Thielson View campgrounds are accepting reservations.  Broken Arrow Campground remains closed. 
Donations:  Firefighters appreciate the public’s generosity but food donations are discouraged because of the highly specialized diet required.  Firefighters appreciate donated stamped postcards from the area that they can send home.  Charitable donations may also be made to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation or the Red Cross.